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  • Blend the red with your finger to get a blurred outline. This faded look retains the colour impact and looks more natural. 
  • The right undertone: for light skin, cool or warm reds. On matte and darker skins, warm, orange-like shades are more flattering. 
  • The duo of strong lips and light eye make-up is always popular, especially for a modern effortless look. 
  • For a beautiful matte finish, moisturise the lips well. Be careful with the extreme matte finish: the velvet texture tends to mark fine lines from dryness. Apply a balm as a mask, let it soak in and remove the excess before applying your lipstick. 
  • Satin finishes are reserved for natural tones. 
  • With a true red, the silky appearance can look a little old-fashioned, while a natural pink/rose brings fleshiness and plumpness.