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To all those women who don’t want to know their size because they don’t fit into a size 10, do you want to keep hiding in “sacks” that don’t make you look good, because you refuse to buy a size 16? Don’t you think you deserve better? 

Here are 8 steps to better understand and enhance your figure: 

1) Identify your body shape
2) Make the best of your curves
3) Understand your top and bottom sizes, without being inhibited because of manufacturing standards and beauty “canons” (which change every 6 months)
4) Know how to combine and wear your clothes
5) Make the right choices for YOURSELF
6)Make your purchases easier and therefore buy less, but better
7) Feel good in your clothes and wear them for a long time
8) Sort out what still suit you and what doesn’t once and for all without telling yourself that you have nothing to wear: you have ONLY the right items