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  • Do you have a capsule wardrobe? 

  • Are you satisfied with it? 

  • Do you regularly wear everything in it? 

  • Do you feel comfortable when you go clothes shopping? 

  • Are you generally satisfied with the purchases you make? 

  • Do you know your body type? 

  • Do you know the features you should highlight? 

  • Are you comfortable with your body? 

  • Do you have the right accessories? Do you actually use them? 

  • Do you take care of yourself and your beauty EVERY DAY? 

If you’ve answered “no” more than 5 times to the questions below, I’m sure you’re also one of those women who regularly say to themselves, “I don’t have anything to wear!” (and whose closet is bursting at the seams), simply because your wardrobe doesn’t suit you. The way you dress is not irrelevant; it speaks for you. 😉
There is no such thing as an ideal wardrobe: there is one for every woman! 🎀
If, as the holidays approach, you feel lost in your wardrobe, I can help you with compassion. 😊

Feel free to send me a message. 😉

The ideal woman is YOU, only better!