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Duration : between 2h30 and 4h

  • A capsule wardrobe is made up of high-quality items (clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery) that can be combined with each other in perfect harmony to compose a maximum of outfits that will be worn in all circumstances. 

  • It is intended to save time when assembling outfits in the morning. 

  • It makes the most of the space you have to store your clothes and accessories. 

  • It consists of a set number of items. Minimum 15 and maximum 30 seems a good range to me.

  • To put together a capsule wardrobe, we determine together what it will mainly be used for. We then decide on the number of items and the budget. Finally, we go in search of the key essential items of your wardrobe, keeping in mind that they must be durable. 

  • Prior to this support session, you may want to consider a style assessment, a morphological expert review as well as a colour analysis.

  • Your new wardrobe will change and evolve in line with fashion trends, across the seasons and over the years. It is therefore possible to have a follow up session to review your wardrobe together through the seasons or have more coaching to learn how to put it together on your own. 

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