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Duration : +/- 1h

If you have no idea what could help you improve your image and boost your self-confidence, an image assessment is a good starting point:
  • Through our one-hour meeting, I listen carefully to you as you talk about yourself, what you don’t like/no longer like about your image and the reasons why.
  • I analyse your reasons for reaching out and your deeper motivation
  • From our conversation, I identify your needs by offering you the service(s) that I believe would offer you the most immediate and/or long-term benefits and that would bring you the most satisfaction in line with your request and needs.
  • Then, you are free to decide on a single workshop, a coaching bundle that includes several services or coaching follow-up, in which case we would decide together on the frequency.
  • My goal and my role are not to sell you as many services as possible, but rather to really help you feel good in your skin, in your clothes and in your body by having picked together the service(s) that will allow you to see a real evolution. Sometimes, you just need to wear the right colours, for example, and just one colorimetry workshop may be all that you need to shine again.

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