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Duration : +/- 2h

This is intended for all the women who don’t know which shapes of clothes to choose, what to wear them with, how to mix and accessorize them to highlight their figure the most.

  • Using a soft measuring tape, I take note of width, length and proportions on your body and face.
  • I’ll ensure you feel comfortable with the process before we start and will not take any measurements without your prior consent.
  • With these measurements, I will be able to determine the shape of your face and body shape.
  • You will receive very clear and precise indications on which shapes to wear and which to banish to highlight your figure and your face.
  • We cover both tops and bottoms as well as jackets, cardigans, coats. We’ll review shapes for collar, glasses and jewellery and also hairstyles.
  • You will also receive tips and tricks to enhance your figure even more.
  • You will quickly integrate this knowledge into your daily life thanks to lots of practical exercises.

This is a workshop that is informative, thorough and practical and once you understand how it all works, it will become a breeze for you to put together your outfits.

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