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What is mature skin?

It is skin that is starting to lose or has lost its elasticity and has visible wrinkles and hollow features. 

You don’t apply makeup to mature skin in the same way as when you were 30. If you use the wrong products, or if you use the right ones in the wrong way, if you apply too much or too little product in certain areas, you can sometimes look 30 years older. 

When I put makeup on mature skin, I am keen to emphasize the complexion and its freshness by applying make-up that is visible but that highlights what needs to be accentuated without emphasizing wrinkles or hollows.  

I play with light and shadows so that my client’s facial features are enhanced. 

I do make-up both for everyday wear and for special occasions or evenings as well as for photo shoots. 

My clients are very positively surprised to look in the mirror at the end of their beauty treatment.

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