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Duration : 1h - 1h30

This review is intended for all those who want to assert themselves through a style of clothing that makes more of a statement and is less plain and all-purpose; whether this wish stems from a personal desire, a desire to integrate a particular work or leisure environment or more simply 

It is also for those who, over the years, no longer know how to look good and have a stylish wardrobe that reflects them. 

  • Through a playful quiz, we determine together 2 styles: the dominant style (the one that is that of the person at the time of the test) and the hidden style (the one that the person would like to move towards unconsciously). 
  • My role, once the 2 styles have been determined, is to get the person to develop their hidden style to make it visible and dominant.
  • We review clothing but also shoes, accessories and jewellery; focusing on both the warm and the cold seasons. 
  • Together, we explore how to mix items and create combos that will have style and character.

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